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About Me

What I Do

I am very passionate about what I do and strongly believe that learning is always about the student. 

My philosophy of education and curriculum design is to create an environment that allows for independent and supervised learning, depending upon the delivery method. I believe that the most significant learning occurs in situations that are both meaningful and realistic which is why I strive to create curriculum that is relatable.

Working in both higher education and business & industry has afforded me a well-rounded work history and experience.

My many years of experience in higher education has enhanced my ability to create and deliver curriculums, programs, and training projects utilizing various methods of delivery. Whether the mode is face-to-face, online, hybrid, or virtual live instruction, I can customize the curriculum to fit the students and the situation.

Working in B&I has granted me the opportunity to not only produce instructional design materials but direct the work of other designers.

​Click on the link below to view my credentials.

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